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IEEE Robotics Society

IEEE RAS at UTD is a vibrant student-run Robotics Club that unites students across disciplines with a shared passion for robotics and automation. Through immersive workshops, hands-on projects, and spirited competitions, club members delve into the captivating realm of robotics, gaining expertise in mechanical design, programming, electronics, and artificial intelligence.

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Upcoming Events

PES have alot of events coming up so keep an eye out!
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IEEE Robotics Regional

Take part in our robotics regional! Each year we receive a new problem to solve by IEEE. The competition is based on autonomous robots solving problems. In previous years we built a dual robot system that included a groundbot and a drone designed to navigate a field of cardboard boxes and QR codes. Single aquatic or groundbot based competitions were held as well.

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Competitions are in new locations each year, so you could earn the chance to join the competition team for a free trip. If any of this interests you look up previous competitions online and consider joining the team.

IEEE Robotics Micromouse


Unleash Your Inner Engineer at the Collegiate Micromouse Competition!


Are you a passionate problem-solver, a creative thinker, and a future tech leader? Look no further! The Collegiate Micromouse Competition awaits you.

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What is it?

Micromouse is not just a game; it's a thrilling fusion of technology, strategy, and innovation. Imagine designing a tiny autonomous robot that navigates a maze, swiftly conquering twists, turns, and dead-ends to reach the hidden treasure at its core. It's a high-speed chess match between engineering prowess and labyrinth challenges.

Why Participate?

  • Showcase your skills in robotics, programming, and systems integration.
  • Experiment, iterate, and push the boundaries of technology.
  • Collaborate with like-minded peers, sharing insights and brainstorming solutions. Develop essential team dynamics that mirror real-world project environments.
  • Impress industry experts and potential employers with your dedication and talent. Companies seeking innovation-driven individuals will have their eyes on you!
  • Face off against other brilliant minds in a pulse-pounding battle of wits and code.