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The IEEE Room

The tutoring room is located at ECSN 2.318. We are the room in the main lobby with IEEE signs and a big window. The entrance is in the hallway on the other side of the tutoring room.


We currently provide tutoring in the following courses


Tutoring hours


Lab Tools

Our tutoring room is equipped with a variety of electrical engineering tools to help students learn and master the subject.

Here are some of the tools available in the room: Oscilloscopes, Campus computers, Power supplies, Multimeters

In addition to the above tools, our tutoring room is also equipped with a variety of other general purpose electrical engineering tools, such as: function generators, signal generators, and logic analyzers.

Discord Server

Our Discord server is a convenient way for students to get the support they need, whether they're working on a problem set or studying for an exam.

Exam Review Sessions

Our tuoring program also offers exam review sessions uploaded to our YouTube channel.